Barb (wisheschick) wrote,

List 10 artists you've seen live.
1. 311
2. Marilyn Manson
3. Rob Zombie
4. Taking Back Sunday
5. Dashboard Confessional
6. Brand New
7. Yellowcard
8. Something Corporate
9. Incubus
10. Korn

Don't peek at the questions below until after you make your list.

Song you wish you'd seen number 2 perform?
This is the New Shit would've been cool. I'm not %100 he didn't perform it.

How many times have you seen number 3?

Where did you see #9 play?
Lifestyles Community Pavillion - outdoor (Promowest)

Favorite song number 8 played?
At the time it was probably Hurricane. I don't think they played Konstantine, but that's my favorite SoCo song.

Who did you see number 7 with?

Favorite venue you've seen 4 play?
I've seen them 4 times. Promowest is always my favorite venue for anyone. The Quest club in Minneapolis was really cool too though.

Favorite concert moment from number 6?
That concert was played w/ Dashboard Confessional. Even though I'm creditting it to Brand New, the last song DC played was the best moment. It's my favorite song ever.

Best thing about number 1's performance?
I've seen them a few times. I always love when they play Who's Got the Herb?

Why did you go to see number 10?
Polaris Amphitheater.

How many times have you seen number 2?
Just the once.

Where did you see number 8 perform?

Best cover song you've seen from number 9?
I don't remember them covering anything.

Would you go to see number 7 again?
Yeah, if it was cheap.

Song you never really liked until seeing number 1 in concert?
Who's Got the Herb?

Which albums do you own from number 6?
I know we have their newest one, and we've had many other ones at some point or another but I don't know if we still have 'em around.

Worst thing about number 3's concert?
When we were worried we wouldn't get a good spot. We did. A drunk woman gave us her cousin's spot. The cousin had to stand behind her. I felt bad, but not bad enough to move.

The only three songs that number 4 would have to play to make a concert?
You're So Last Summer, Cute Without the E, Timberwolves at New Jersey, and Miami.

How far did you travel to see number 1?
Not far. It was about a 15-20 minute drive.

How was number 5's show?
I've seen them 3 times. Each show was fantastic. Dashboard concerts are very sing alongy and it's just a fabulous good time.

What happened the night of number 1's show?
Some random guy next to us offered us some pot. We got absolutely ripped for free. The best part was that it was unexpected.

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